Family Freedom Summer



Family Freedom Summer is a learning opportunity that allows growth and connection by strengthening family and community ties. We invite fellow community members to attend and to teach workshops. Our goal is to connect and share the diverse set of skills and knowledge inherent in our community for the betterment of all families in Lincoln Park and the greater Duluth area.

Visit our calendar for our Family Freedom Summer schedule.

Call 218-522-4445 to register.

Historical Inspiration

Family Freedom Summer is inspired by the Freedom Schools that took place in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement. Freedom Summer as a movement created stronger communities centered around Black excellence.  


Freedom Fridays

We invite everyone to come together on Friday nights to share a meal and spend time continuing to grow and bond as a community. We celebrate.  We Eat. We preview upcoming workshops.  We grow.

Saturday Workshops

Our workshops include a range of opportunities from skill-based demonstrations to discussion-based seminars. Demonstrations can include anything from baking a cake to wood-working and more. Discussions include topics ranging from institutional racism to community specific issues. Workshops offer a variety of learning opportunities for your entire family.

Wednesday Teen Workshops

We offer a special development opportunity for teens to come together with community leaders and collaborate.  We offer our young leaders an opportunity to grow and share their vision for the future in a space that is unapologetically theirs.